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To provide ALL community youth a place to learn the fundamentals of a sport while having fun doing so. We also strive to encourage our athletes to be the best they can be, not comparing themselves to other athletes but to strive to be a better THEM.


In the fall of 2008 we started SGS Football. Every season since then we have hosted cheer, 8u, 10u,  and 12u football teams. Our home fields have always been at old Woodmont (now PAC). Our organization plays under Greenville County Rec, therefore they determine the game schedule. Jennifer Martin along with Brent Busha started SGS with the help of Rasheem Clark, Mac McCollum, Kelli Cooper (Stewart), Brooke Rogerson, Michele Hall (Riddle), Jason Riddle, Jeremy Chipiwalt, Frankie and Kelli McCleer.  

Last season we hosted numerous football teams in each age division,  with an outstanding participation of 70+ cheerleaders. Established now for over 15 years, we are dedicated to the Piedmont Community and its people. We continue to strive and better our organization year after year.


rob puckett

Rob Puckett
Executive Director

bobie puckett

Bobie Puckett

rasheem clark

Rasheem Clark
Football President
Founding Member

jennifer martin

Jennifer Martin
Cheer Coord

rob lewis

Essence Moffatt

Angela Grant
Volunteer Coord

Rob Lewis
Safety Coord

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